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A group of students have discovered a new love for eighties hairstyles after taking part in a sponsored perm session at Bath College and raising £600.


Eight students from the University of Bath’s rowing club, CrewBath, took part in the hairdressing challenge – to collect money for new boats for the team.


The club has over 150 novice rowers keen to get out on the water, but at the moment there not enough boats and only 20 people can row at a time.


Level 2 barbers at Bath College were taught how to give the all-male group a perm by hair tutor and lecturers Becky Jon, Lisa Nelson and Donna Ford.


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Joseph Riou, novice captain for CrewBath, said the whole group enjoyed getting to know students at the college during the three-hour session.


He said: “We created a poll on the club’s social page on Facebook and people were able to vote for the eight men who they would most like to see get the perm.


“Lots of rowing clubs raise money by doing a naked calendar or taking part in Movember. CrewBath have already done both of these and we wanted to do something no-one had ever done before.


“It was a lot more fun than people ever anticipated. The Bath College hairdressers were up for a laugh and seemed to enjoy the day as much as we did.”


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The event was a success for the team, who raised enough money to repair one of the club’s boats – meaning that nine more people can race this month.


They were surprised at how popular the perms were with sponsors and will be racking their brains for more original fundraising ideas soon.


Mr Riou said: “All of the hairstyles went down really well. Some people’s hair was more suitable for perming. The men’s senior captain, Ryan, had really good hair for perming and now looks like a sexy version of Justin Timberlake.


“We expected a lot more abuse for our eighties hairstyles, but people really like the perms and we are all considering getting them re-done. They are much easier to manage in the mornings -after a quick shower there is no need to apply hair product – just dry and go!


“Thanks to the money we have raised so far from the perming extravaganza, we are able to fix one of our boats called Geoff. This money has come just in time as will need the boat to race as many crews as possible at the local head race on the Avon in just a few weeks’ time.”




Lecturer Donna Ford said: “All the students remained professional.


“They have only been taught perm winding in the last couple of weeks. They are trained to do perms, but usually it would be a lot later in the year.


“I said to the students ‘you’re being chucked in the deep end’. We had a few nerves, but they did their very best and achieved great results.


“It was a great experience for all barbers involved.”


For more information about barbering courses at Bath College click here.

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