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Alice Rocketmakers Apprentice


Bath College partnered up with Mayden Academy to provide a 16 week intensive training course as the front-loaded training component of an 18 month Software Development Apprenticeship, with BCS as the awarding body.
Alice is currently working as a BCS Level 4 Software Development Apprentice at local software company, Rocketmakers. She is really enjoying her apprenticeship so we spoke to her to find out all about it.
Who is your employer?

Rocketmakers, they are a small/medium sized Software Development company based in Bath.
Why did you choose to do an Apprenticeship?

I knew I wanted to start designing and creating applications as quickly as possible. The structure of this apprenticeship meant that after my full-stack bootcamp course at Mayden Academy, I could be contributing to real projects in just 16 weeks. I graduated
from Mayden on Friday and I was working on one of Rocketmakers biggest projects on Monday. The best part of the apprenticeship scheme is knowing I had a job lined up, where I could learn and progress my skills within the industry.
What do you do in a typical day on your Apprenticeship?

My days aren’t any different from the developers I work alongside. We work in an agile structure, so I will most likely pick up a ticket from our JIRA board and set about completing and testing it. We have regular team stand ups so we can support each other and
identify any blockers. I am also involved in our Design team so some of my days might include UI redesigns or UX planning meetings.
What drew you to Software Development?

Curiosity I suppose, I was wanting to create bigger and better things but I was being restricted by the tools I was using. I could design a website or app graphically but I wanted it to come to life. I wanted my designs to be animated, activated and usable by real users.
For me software development is still a mystery, it’s almost unbelievable that I can create user interfaces that are used by real customers and that I can fix and break and, for the most part, understand. It’s a whole other world of problem solving and creation,
anything is possible with code.
What do you want to do after you complete your Apprenticeship?

After my apprenticeship I would like to continue creating new and interesting applications at Rocketmakers. I have already started my journey into expanding my design knowledge, I even received the Creative Bath: Young Creative 2020 award last week.
What advice would you give students who are looking into doing an Apprenticeship?

My only advice is to take the opportunity – as long as it is a good fit for you; apprenticeships will give you education, qualifications and industry experience, all of which will appeal to future employers.
You must make sure you find a good company that is prepared to support you for the duration of your apprenticeship and give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills. You want the company to be a great fit for you as you are for them.
Opportunities are always offered to apprentices but don’t be afraid to take chances and be noticed – the outcome might surprise you and the people you work with.
What are your aspirations when your apprenticeship is complete?

I don’t have any grand plans unfortunately! I am excited to continue learning the endless possibilities software development offers and to further develop my designing skills. I love taking creative lead on projects and enabling my team to be the best they can.
My overall goal is to keep on this journey, take every opportunity and enjoy it!

If you would like any more information on apprenticeships with Bath College, or would like to register your interest, click here.

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