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Start of Term Information – Study Programmes


Key Dates for Term 1
Induction Week 7th-11th September
Start of course teaching 14th September onwards
Half Term 26th–30th October
End of Term 11th December
Induction Week
During the first week of term, we will be spending time, letting you know all about the course you have chosen and what other things you’ll be doing during your time at College. It is an opportunity to:
• Get to know the other students in your groups
• Find your way around the College
• Get used to your journeys to and from College
• Meet your Tutor
• Ask any questions you may have

Course Teaching – the first six weeks

As the course teaching starts and the lecturers start covering the subject matter you should see it as an opportunity to impress. During the first 5 or 6 weeks, we will be looking at your performance and seeing whether you are on the right course and/or the right level. This will involve some assessments but your lecturers will prepare you well for them.
This time is vital for us to see what skills and talents you have, particularly those that are not always obvious when looking at a person’s GCSE results. Make this time count!!!
Course Changes
We realise that sometimes people choose a course they think they are interested in but may change their minds about it. If this happens to you, talk to us and we will ensure that we give you advice and guidance as to what to do next. Provided it’s practically possible, you may change your course choice in the first 6 weeks though we’ll want to talk to you about if first.
Your Voice
During this time we will be particularly interested in how you are settling into College and what your opinions are about your experiences so we’ll be asking you to tell us on a few occasions. We care what you think!

Teaching, Learning & Assessment

Lessons: Most courses are likely to have combination of face to face and online learning for at least the first term. There may be funds available for students eligible for bursaries to access IT to enable them to do this.
Please expect some of your learning to be online. We will try and maximise the amount of time you will spend at College but there will be times in the week where you cannot and we will guide you as to what you should do.
Class sizes: Will be smaller than usual and will be dictated by the room size and how we can follow social distancing guidelines.
Student bubbles: We will be keeping students in ‘bubbles’ with their classmates where possible.
Social space: We will need to minimise the number of students in our social spaces so there will be less available for the first term as we need to prioritise the spaces for our more vulnerable students.
Welcome forms: We will be asking you to fill out a short form when you first come into College to tell us that you do not have Covid-19 symptoms, that no-one in your household does and that you will tell us if the situation changes.

Student Support and Welfare

Safeguarding and welfare: Despite restrictions on us during this time, we are committed to keeping up our excellent student support and will be amending our safeguarding and welfare processes in order to take into account blended learning.
Student bursaries such as free college meals and transport assistance are still available for those who qualify so please contact our Student Advice Centre on info@bathcollege.ac.uk if you need further information.


College Campuses

One-way systems: Both our City Centre and Somer Valley Campuses will have one-way systems at the College that we will need to use if the Covid-19 situation in the South West becomes more serious. For the meantime, we are asking all students and staff to wear face coverings in corridors and social areas.
Face coverings: We will be supplying each learner a washable face covering and a small hand sanitiser bottle. The Government’s current guidance (as of 26.08.2020) is that face coverings may now required in educational settings in corridors and social areas, though each school/college can decide if they wish to do this. The College, has decided that we will be asking you to wear a face covering (you may bring your own if you wish) in some lessons, in corridors and in social spaces. Unless you have informed us of a reason why you can’t wear a face covering, you must do so when you are asked.
Please note, you will not be able to get on public transport OR a College bus if you do not have a face covering. If you cannot wear one and need to use a College bus please let us know straight away via closure@bathcollege.ac.uk

We are sending out a survey this week that you will be able to fill in to tell us if you have any medical reason why you cannot wear a face covering. We will help you with this so do let us know.

Hand sanitiser: Ensuring there are sufficient supplies of hand sanitiser at key points at both campuses and in each classroom and workshop. The best way to combat the spread of any virus including Covid-19 is to wash your hands. We are making our toilets safer by turning off hand dryers and supplying you with paper towels. Wash your hands often!

Staggering start and finish times: so that you and the staff can safely move around the College we have changed our planned start times. This means that being punctual is very important.
Additional cleaning: to ensure that we minimise the spread of Coronavirus we are increasing the amount of cleaning we are doing around the College including toilets, door handles, photocopiers etc.
Cleaning your own table and equipment: at the end of your lessons it is likely that you will be asked to wipe down your desk, keyboard etc before you leave. This is for hygiene purposes and we will provide you with materials to do this safely.
If you don’t remember anything else remember this….
1. HANDS have you washed your hands?
2. DISTANCE be disciplined, keep 1m apart!
3. MASKS wear a mask when you’re asked!
4. THINK always think of others!




What happens if I forget my face covering and a teacher asks us to wear one?

We will be keeping disposable face coverings at College though we will expect you to remember to bring the one the College gave you and an alternative if that one is being washed.

I have a breathing issue and cannot wear a face covering – what should I do?

Tell us! We will not force you to use a face covering as long as we know that you can’t. We will issue you with a card to use behind your I.D. badge so that you can show it if you are challenged.

My IT set up at home means that I cannot learn online – what should I do?

If you cannot get online at all because you do not have a device or internet access, again, tell us and we will try to help.

There is someone vulnerable in my household and I am worried about coming to College.

Again, let us know and we can advise you. Either tell the member of the curriculum staff who has been in contact with you, email closure@bathcollege.ac.uk or info@bathcollege.ac.uk.
If in doubt…talk to us

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