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Welcome to Apprenticeships

Welcome to Bath College Apprenticeships – 3 times awarded Apprenticeship Training Provider of the Year for Bristol & Bath.





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What Apprenticeship programmes are available?

At Bath College, we offer 97 Apprenticeship Programmes across 14 employment sectors. Using the selector below, you can browse programmes by sector, as well as view a list of each apprenticeship in that sector.

The programme page will tell you most of the information you will want to know about a programme, including:

  • How long it is
  • When you can enrol
  • How many days per week you will be in college
  • What the Entry Requirements are.


Browse Our Apprenticeships - Click on the sector you're interested in to see the range of Apprenticeships we offer in that sector.

 Apprenticeship Type Example Apprenticeships View Courses
Automotive Engineering Motor Vehicle Maintenance Technician View All
Business and Professional Project Management, Business Administration, Events Assistant View All
Construction Professional Civil Engineering, Construction Design, Site Supervisor, Technicians View All
Construction Trades Carpenter, Painter and Decorator, Stonemason, Plumber, Bricklayer, Electrician View All
Education and Early Years Teaching Assistant, Teacher, Early Years Practitioner or Educator View All
Engineering and Manufacturing Engineer, Engineer Manufacturer, Engineering Technician View All
Environmental and Animal Care Groundworker, Veterinary Nurse, Landscaper View All
Hair, Beauty and Holistic Therapies Creative Hair Professional, Hairdresser, Barber View All
Health and Social Care Care Worker, Healthcare Assistant, Support Worker View All
Hospitality and Catering Chef De Partie, Commis Chef, Production Chef, Hospitality Supervisor View All
IT and Digital Cyber Security Technician, Network Engineer, Software Developer View All
Legal, Finance and Accounting Accounting Assistant, Professional Accountant, Taxation Technician View All
Sales, Marketing and Procurement Digital Marketer, Marketing Assistant View All
Sports and Life Science Personal Trainer, Outdoor Activity Instructor, Community Coach, Leisure Worker View All



More Information

You can find most of the information you need about Apprenticeships at Bath College in the sections below. If you do not find what you need on this site, or would just rather converse with us directly, please contact us by telephone or email. We will be happy to address any questions or concerns you may have and to advise you on how we can best serve you as an Apprentice or an Employer.

Maybe just want to get on with applying for an Apprenticeship (even if you don’t have an employer yet) or registering as an Apprentice Employer (even if you have not found an Apprentice yet)?

In which case, use the links below to access our forms and send us some basic information and we will get things moving…



Once we have this information, we will contact you to -

  • advise you on the best choice of programme
  • help you find an employer or an apprentice if you do not yet have one in place
  • start the enrolment process.


Information for Apprentices


If you cannot find the answers you need in this section, or you would prefer to ask directly, please contact the Apprenticeships team using the methods below. We are always happy to help. 



What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a real job where you learn, gain experience and get paid. You will be an employee with a contract of employment and holiday leave. By the end of an apprenticeship, you will have the right skills and knowledge needed for your chosen career.

Click HERE to go to the Apprenticeship website for more information


What qualifications do I need?

This will vary according to which programme you apply for. Some apprenticeships require specific GCSE grades in specific subjects, while many do not. You will be required to take an Initial Assessment to check your levels in English & Maths and will receive full training and support from the College if you need to improve these at all.

We will advise you in detail when you apply.


What will be expected of me?

This will be explained to you in detail when you get to enrolment.

In general terms, you will be expected to -

Comply with the policies of both the college and the employer. These will cover issues such as:


How long will it take?

That will vary according to which programme you are on. The absolute minimum is 15 months – 48 months in training plus three months preparing for, and taking, an End Point Assessment. Some Apprenticeships take much longer. All the Apprenticeships offered by Bath College are listed HERE. If you go to the specific Apprenticeship you are interested in, you will see how long it is. You can head down to our programmes section to see the breakdown of Apprenticeships by subject.


What do I do now?

Click HERE to fill in and submit an enquiry form.

This applies whether you have an Employer in place or not. Once we have the information from this from we will contact you to discuss next steps and answer any questions you may have.


How much will it cost?

There is no cost to you. Apprenticeships are fully funded by the government.


Will I get paid?

You will. There is minimum hourly rate for Apprentices that is set by the government. Click HERE to check what that is now. You will also get holiday and sick pay according to the policies of the company you are employed by.


Complete all training and coursework assigned to you. Collect and submit evidence or training undertaken and achieved. Attend and contribute to review meetings with your College Assessor and Employer. Complete an End Point Assessment. Health and Safety Attendance (and absence reporting) Conduct Etc.

Information for Employers


If you cannot find the answers you need in this section, or you would prefer to ask directly, please contact the Apprenticeships team using the methods below. We are always happy to help. 



Apprenticeships are funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), which is a government department. The ESFA publishes a comprehensive document called “Apprenticeship funding rules and guidance for employers”. Click HERE to download the current version.

The Government also publish useful advice and guidance on their website for employers on all aspects of employing an apprentice. Click HERE to go to the site. There is also a lot of clearly presented and helpful information on the new Apprenticeships website. Click HERE to see this.

You can sign up for updates on Government sites. This will mean that you get news on developments (such as Incentive Payments and Claims deadlines).


How does Apprenticeship funding work?

Larger employers (those with a PAYE bill of over £3 million) pay into and Apprenticeship Levy fund from which their Apprenticeships are funded. This process is controlled and operated by the ESFA.

In the case of employers who do not pay into a levy fund, the funding for the Apprenticeship is paid directly from the ESFA.

Organisations who do not pay the levy are required to contribute 5% of the total cost of the Apprenticeship directly to the Provider (Bath College) at enrolment.

This 5% contribution is waived where -

The employer has fewer than 50 employees


The roles of the Employer, the Apprentice and the College, are specified in detail in a Commitment Statement, which will be agreed and signed by all three parties before the start of the Apprenticeship.


What do we do now?

You will need to fill out our enquiry form which can be found HERE.

This applies whether you have an Apprentice in place or not. Once we have the information from this form we will contact you to discuss next steps and answer any questions you may have.

  • Comply with terms of the Employer Health and Safety Commitment to ensure the Apprentice’s health and safety in the workplace.
  • Notify the College of any changes in the Apprentice’s circumstances.
  • Work with the other parties to resolve any complaints or disagreements.
  • Attend and contribute to progress review meeting with the Assessor and the Apprentice.

We will advise you on whether you are liable for the 5% contribution when we get to the stage where we sign agreements. Any financial liability will be specified in an Apprenticeship Services Agreement, which will be signed by both the College and the Employer.


Does the Employer pay the Apprentice?

Yes. The government has set a minimum hourly rate for Apprentices. You can find out what that is by clicking HERE.


Do we need to register on the Apprenticeship service?

You do. From the 1st of April 2021, all employers who take on an Apprentice must register their company and any apprentices on the Apprenticeship Service. You can find out how to do this HERE.


How many hours a week does an Apprentice need to work?

The absolute minimum term for an Apprenticeship is 12 months at 30 hours per week. Many Apprenticeships last longer than 12 months.

If the Apprentice is working fewer than 30 hours per week, it may still be possible to complete an Apprenticeship but the length of the programme will have to be extended to account for that.

All the Apprenticeships offered by Bath College are listed HERE. If you go to the specific Apprenticeship you are interested in, you will see how long it is.


Does the Apprentice have to attend College?

That depends on the programme. Some programmes have mandatory qualifications that the Apprentice will need to attend college to achieve. This does not apply to all programmes. Some programmes have elements that can be delivered by online learning. Maths and English (where required) can often be delivered online.

All the Apprenticeships offered by Bath College are listed HERE. If you go to the specific Apprenticeship you are interested in, you will see what those requirements are.


Does the Apprentice get paid when they are at College?

Yes. Any attendance at college (including for English & Maths) must take place within the Apprentice’s working hours. There is a mandatory requirement that 20% of the Apprenticeship is delivered ‘Off-The-Job’.

This means within the Apprentice’s paid working hours but not while they are carrying out their normal duties. This will be explained to you, and examples given of how to achieve the 20%, as well as how it is recorded.


What is expected of the Employer and the College during the delivery of the training?

An Apprenticeship is a three way undertaking between the Employer, The Apprentice and the Training Provider (Bath College in this case).

Each programme has an Assessor assigned to it. This is a member of the College staff who oversees the delivery of the learning and training and liaises with both the Employer, the Apprentice and other college staff (tutors, for example) to ensure that the training is delivered comprehensively, effectively and on time.

The Employer has a significant role to play in making sure that the Apprentice receives the best possible training. This will include, for example –

Making sure that the Apprentice has the appropriate support and supervision to carry out their job role. Contribute to delivery of training. Provide opportunities for the Apprentice to practice skills within the workplace. Identify, organise and support off the job training opportunities.


the Apprentice is between 16-18 at the start of the Apprenticeship OR is 19-24 with an EHCP OR is a care leaver.



Why Bath College?


  • A long history of running apprenticeship courses to a high standard and we have great relationships with many large employers in the South West.
  • Apprenticeship Training Provider of the Year for Bath and Bristol three times.
  • Above the national average for apprenticeship achievement rates.
  • Currently the largest provider of apprenticeships in B&NES, with 590 Apprentices in training with over 340 businesses.
  • A successful history of working with several hundred employers over many years, building relationships, growing businesses, and training many thousand apprentices.
  • Businesses we work with range from one-man operations to international companies like Siemens and Dyson.
  • Over the last year, the college’s apprenticeship team has increased its provision, working with over 60 companies to offer apprenticeship programmes in nine new business areas.



With Bath College both Employers and Apprentices benefit from..


Quality delivery from day one:

  • In Depth Assessment of the candidate and employer. Making sure the candidate is on at the right level an on the right programme with a suitable employer – building in success from the start.
  • Maths, English and ICT capabilities assessed, and full teaching and support provided where need identified.
  • Industry standard Skills Assessments and interview with experienced assessor.
  • Employer commitment and capability checks.
  • Support for employers with setting up the apprenticeship and claiming funding and incentives payments.
  • Flexible start dates


Commitment to Progression and Development:

  • Highly experienced and dedicated industry-based Tutors and Assessors
  • Regular Reviews with Apprentice, Assessor and Employer.
  • SMART Targets and Development Plans
  • Soft Skills and Employability Development
  • Sophisticated E-portfolio system where Apprentices and Assessors can record evidence of tasks and capabilities achieved and Employers can view progress.


Apprenticeship Life Skills and Student Welfare:

  • Supporting Apprentices with Independent Living Skills
  • Adaptive delivery plans to meet Additional Learning Support needs
  • Access to Welfare and Safeguarding support.
  • Access to the full range of services and facilities offered to all learners at Bath College.


Clear Destination Points

  • Generation of Occupational Pathways
  • Working in line with Labour Market information provided by the West of England Combine Authority (WECA).
  • Benefit from a long history of working with all occupation sectors across the region.


Contact Us

You can contact our Apprenticeship team via email or phone, the email address is or you can call us during working hours on 01225 328683. You can also use the buttons below to start a call or open an email.