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Applied Computing FdSc/BSc (Hons)

Course Overview

This 2-year Foundation Degree in Applied Computing prepares students for a variety of computing careers which may include Games Development, Multimedia or Artificial Intelligence (VR), Web design, Programming and Software Development, Mobile Application development, Database Management. Through practical and professional activities, you will develop essential work skills. The work-based learning nature of the programme has been designed in consultation with regional IT employers. Progression to a one-year full time Top Up programme leading to a BSc (Hons) Applied Computing (Work-based Learning) is dependent on students achieving a sufficient grade level in the FdSc. Both degrees are awarded by the University of Bath.

What topics are covered?

The following are some of the subjects, including optional units, that may be covered in the duration of the course.

  • Study Skills
  • Programming
  • Cyber Security
  • Web Design
  • Systems Analysis
  • Networking
  • Computer Hardware
  • Games Programming
  • Database Development
  • Multimedia
  • Multi Tasking
  • Marketing
  • Virtual Reality
  • Mobile technology
  • Reasearch Methods
  • Project Management
  • Creative Computing
  • Developing Technologies
  • Research Project
  • Finance
  • Managing Information
  • Managing Performance
  • Research and Literature reviews
  • Helpdesk /Technical Support

Who is the course aimed at?

This course is suitable for anyone wishing to develop their skills in this vocational area, people who have been out of education for some time, those who may not have achieved their potential in earlier education and students progressing from A levels or BTEC diplomas. This course is particularly suited to those wishing to return to employment or looking to change career direction.

What are the entry requirements?

Applications are welcome from
candidates with:

  • Three A levels at C, Level 3 BTEC
    Extended Diploma with MMM, or equivalent
  • You may be considered without formal
    qualifications if you have relevant experience
    and are able to demonstrate the necessary
    skills to succeed on the course
  • Four GCSEs at C/4 or above including maths
    and English language
  • Interview

Mature students will be considered on an
individual basis, based on an interview.

What qualifications will I gain?

You will gain a Level 5/6 FdSc/BSc (Hons) in Applied Computing.

Who is the awarding body?

University of Bath

Who will be my tutor?

There are a number of lecturers currently teaching on the programme, the structure is made up of: Learning Coordinator, Course leader, tutors/lectures and other subject specialists.


Lyall Clarey BSc (Hons), HND, MBCS, CITP, DTLLS, MSET, QTLS, IEEE, obtained a first class BSc (Hons) is a Chartered IT Engineer and member of the British Computer Society and IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). He is a specialist in knowledge engineering. Lyall worked on and assisted with the early programming of supermarket stock control and computerised ordering systems (Grocery Manager 1.1). He carries out consultancy on IT management for SMES, commercial web design and network management.

How will I learn?

There will be a mix of lectures, seminars, workshops, group work, guest speakers, trips and online learning. The course also uses a dedicated hardware and a networking lab, as well as a number of general purpose IT suites. The computer software and hardware is ever-changing, reflecting the nature of the industry. Students will have access to a large range of software at no cost via the colleges Microsoft Web store. The software currently in use includes: Visual Studio (C#, C++. Visual Basic, Xamarin App development), Unity (Games development platform), Vive VR, Web Development package (PHP/MySQL, Java Scripting, CSS, HTML), Microsoft Office, Java (Eclipse), Adobe Creative Suite, Map Info (GIS), Unreal, FPS Creator and Artemis (Games), Cura – 3D printing, Blender.

How will I be assessed?

The majority of assessments are coursework, but there are some presentations and exams. The exams are open book. Our exams aim to test your understanding, not your memory. For example the hardware exam consists of building a computer from various components (and then finding the faults when we break it). The programming exam consists of finding the errors in a series of programs.

What can I do after this course?

Our graduates acquire expert skills in Computing and IT – 85%* of BSc (Hons) students are working in the computer industry within six months of leaving the course*. Students progress into careers in IT support, development, databases and networking, data and analytics for social media, Web Design and also onto further training such as teacher training or post graduate studies (MSc).

How much does this course cost?

This Level 5/6 FdSc/BSc (Hons) in Applied Computing costs £7,700 per year.

What funding is available?

You can apply for a loan to cover your tuition fees and a maintenance grant/loan for living expenses. To check if you are eligible for funding, please go to the Funding for HE Students page.

What facilities are available?

The course is largely based in the undergraduate centre in the Roper Building. With state of the art computer rooms and a dedicated undergraduate drop in room. The new computer facilities in the undergraduate centre used by the course have been noted as outstanding by the external examiners. The course also uses a dedicated hardware and a networking lab, as well as a number of general purpose IT suites. All computers are under 3 yrs. old and reflect the continually changing environment of available hardware. The software used is ever-changing, reflecting the nature of the industry. Students will have access to a large range of software at no cost via the colleges Microsoft Web store. The software currently in use includes:


  • Visual Studio 2015 (C#, C++. Visual Basic, Xamarin App development)
  • Unity (Games development platform)
  • Web Development package
    • PHP/MySQL
    • Java Scripting
    • CSS
    • HTML
  • MS Office 2016
  • Java (Eclipse)
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Map Info (GIS)
  • Unreal, FPS Creator and Artemis (Games)
  • Cura – 3D printing, Blender
  • Large range of open source software


The library is an important part of any HE course. It has approximately 1,000 books on computing and related subjects, including many e-books. The library also provides electronic access to millions of articles via electronic databases. There are also banks of computers available for use, as well as designated rooms for students to meet and organise their own studies.

What organisations does the College work with on this course?

This course is licensed by the University of Bath. For more information, please see the Licensed Programmes Infomation.

Which department is this course in?

Department of Technology

Where will I need to go on my first day?

On your first day, please report to the Reception in the Roper Building at City Centre Campus.

What else do I need to know?

To avoid disappointment, please make sure you apply for your chosen course early. Decisions regarding running or cancelling a course are made one week prior to the start of the course. If a course is cancelled, you will be informed and your course fees refunded in full. Please see Terms and Conditions of Enrolment.

The course will not run on bank holidays or during half term. Please check here for term dates.

Where can I find out more information?

For advice or more details Lyall Clarey (Course Leader) Lyall.Clarey@bathcollege.ac.uk.


Alternatively, please telephone 01225 312191 or email info@bathcollege.ac.uk.


You may also visit our Student Advice Centre in the Roper Building Reception.

How do I apply?

You can make a direct application for this course by clicking the ‘Apply’ button above. Alternatively, you can apply via the UCAS website.


UCAS code: G401
Institution code: B21

8 reviews for Applied Computing FdSc/BSc (Hons)

  1. lewis.hack@hotmail.co.uk

    5 out of 5

    I recently completed my 6 month probation as a graduate software developer at Intergraph.
    I passed my performance review today, meaning that I am now a full-fledged Intergraph employee.
    I thought I’d let you know how I was getting on in the real world, and that I am having an amazing time in my dream job as a programmer. I wanted to say how thankful I am for everything that you did for me during my time at the college – all the advice you gave, even though I didn’t heed by all of it, definitely helped me get to the position I am in today, and for that I am grateful.
    In my first 6 months as a professional programmer I have learned a great deal, and continue to develop the skills that I originally gained from my degree.

  2. paul.jackson@bathcollege.ac.uk

    5 out of 5

    Excellent course, really enjoyed it.

  3. curryj@bathcollege.ac.uk

    5 out of 5

    A fantastic course if you’re unsure where you want to go in I.T.
    I started this course knowing I wanted to work in I.T but I was unsure as to what sector. This course offers you everything from Web Design to Cyber Security, Networking, Programming and much more.
    Coming back as a mature student in my 30’s I was so out of sync with the education system that I was actually scared of the road that lay ahead of me, I was full of doubt as to whether I would be able to accomplish this degree as academic writing was something I had never tried before, but here I am fast approaching the end of my second year without the need for a single extension or nervous breakdown. All of the lectures on this course are very helpful and have a wealth of knowledge to teach the students. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking into a career in I.T. Date of course: 2011 to 2014

  4. curryj@bathcollege.ac.uk

    5 out of 5

    I came to this course looking for a comprehensive learning experience that makes me into an employable person and gives me the starting foundations to make it in a successful line of work. You will get as much out of the course as you put in!

  5. curryj@bathcollege.ac.uk

    5 out of 5

    This is a good course to give an all round experience in computing. I came into the course not knowing a lot about computing and my skills have developed ten fold. This course also offers experience working with clients and work based learning to develop skills such as communication and team work which, when looking for work after the course, will be a massive benefit. Date of course: 2011 – 2014

  6. curryj@bathcollege.ac.uk

    5 out of 5

    A fairly laid back course that covers a wide variety of IT modules, none of which require any previous knowledge to be successful in. The course teaches you to learn on the job providing a good foundation for any following career. The mix of practical skills learnt and written work to complete should suit most who have an interest in some area around computing!

  7. curryj@bathcollege.ac.uk

    5 out of 5

    I enrolled on the course in September 2012 after having an informal meeting with one of the tutors. The course is broken up quite nicely with many subjects generating ideas that then become of significant use in others. This interconnection is not just limited to subjects but is expanded upon with the lecturers’ knowledge. They encompass all the facets that are needed for all the subject matter. The course itself begins quite slowly but this allowed me to develop some of the crucial skills I needed.

  8. curryj@bathcollege.ac.uk

    5 out of 5

    I have finished my degree studying BSc Applied Computing. I am delighted to say that this degree has helped me achieve my first job in the computing industry. I got offered the job the same day my degree ended. I will now be working for WebcreationsUK! A very exciting opportunity, all thanks to this course!!

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