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Be Assertive!

If you find it hard to say what you think in a group or at work, stand your ground in a confrontation, or say no without feeling guilty, this may be the course for you. By creating a safe supportive space for discussion this course will help you to identify negative thinking and patterns of behaviour that often undermine good communication and help you find strategies for starting to overcome these. The session will include:


  • Defining what assertiveness is and how it differs from passive, aggressive and manipulative behaviour
  • Understanding how self-esteem, setting boundaries and developing positive beliefs can benefit our ability to be assertive
  • Identifying small steps, techniques and strategies to become more assertive

We are currently confirming times and dates for this course. Please register your interest below or contact us for more information.

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If you have any queries, please ring Adult Community Learning Tel: 01225 328822


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