Double Bedroom

These double bedrooms are part of a centrally located, shared property. Accommodation is available to Bath College students from 4th August for the equivalent of £200 per week.

How much does the rent cost?

The total rental cost for this accommodation is £9,400 per year. This amount may be paid in full or in three separate installments paid prior to each semester.

£3,400 - First semester's rent
£3,000 - Second semester's rent
£3,000 - Third semester's rent

What others costs are involved?

In addition to the rental costs, a £200 deposit and a £50 non-refundable admin fee is required for any agreements. Deposits will be refunded once the property has been vacated and confirmed to be in an acceptable condition.

When is the accommodation available?

4th August - Earliest arrival date
29th June - Latest departure date
(available for up to 47 weeks)

If required, alternative accommodation will be provided for any remaining Art Foundation students after the 29th June.

What is included in the bedroom?

Each bedroom includes a bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, desk and a chair.

Which rooms have shared access?

Bedrooms are private but all tenants have shared access to the kitchen and bathroom.

Who is eligible for the accommodation?

This accommodation service is only available to students currently studying at Bath College. Unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions to this rule.
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